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Our modern-rustic designs are simple, multi-functional and conversational. No time for DIY?--contact us and we'll make it happen.

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Lori & Dan Weber
Knotty Pallet

 Our story:  We loved living in our Bellevue Nebraska home and were continually tweaking things to make it as comfortable and low maintenance as possible while attempting to be organized and stylish. About 15 years ago, Dan brought home an abandoned shipping pallet from work. I could almost hear it screaming "repurpose me!"  I just felt we could do something with it other than use it for firewood. After a couple of experiments, we discovered that wine bottles fit perfectly in the forklift cutouts -  Ok, let's make it a wine rack -and wouldn't it be cool if we suspended it from the ceiling?  It made for great conversation and storage!


About 10 years later we retired from the Air Force, took time off to vacation and finish projects around the house. I had been watching a rising trend in coffee tables made out of old carts and/or reclaimed barn-wood materials. So we decided to use the same pallet concept (from 15 years ago) with it's unique look and great storage opportunities and build a coffee table. We installed rolling casters on the bottom side for easy mobility - meaning "easy to move while I vacuumed the floor".  It didn't stop at a coffee table.  We started brainstorming in the world of furniture made from old pallets and other reclaimed wood.  In addition, my creative flea-market-junk-shopping friends and I would have these great conversations triggering endless ideas for furniture and accessories for the home.

At the same time, Dan and I started thinking about looking for post-military employment.  My love for interior design and home staging combined with Dan’s carpentry skills of "sketch-it & build-it" talent inspired us to pick up some power tools and create; perhaps start a home business. We built a website and one client led to another. Next thing we know, 3 years flew by!  As we got busier with projects, we were figuring out that the workspace of a 2-car garage was getting tight.  So the summer of 2016 we moved across the river to Iowa into a new home.  Now Dan has his own dedicated shop for creating and building.  We're excited to have come this far and even more excited for what's ahead!


We are Dan & Lori Weber residing in Glenwood IA.  
Welcome to our furniture store -- Knotty Pallet. We are both retired United States Air
Force veterans who served 26 and 21 years as musicians in the USAF military bands. Our careers took us all over the world performing music for our military members and civilian communities.  It was an exciting part of our lives and we are grateful to have served our country in that capacity.  During that time, we were blessed with two sons, Casey and Corey, now young adults.

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